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The Secret to a Fulfilling Weekend

The secret, for all those who feel like lost souls over the weekend, lies in three words:
Planning. Planning. Planning.
Without the right planning, you risk spending two days and nights wondering why you even waited for the weekend so eagerly. You then dread the coming work week because you don’t feel like you got enough rest, relaxation or personal work done during the two-day break.
Let FM91 help you sort out your weekend woes. In consultation with our expert time-managers and productivity hackers, we came up with a list of the best ways to effectively plan in advance for your weekend. Now, there’s no need to sulk on Sunday night because you didn’t utilize your weekend effectively. Here are 5 pieces of advice for weekend success.
1) Finish your weekday work: Nothing kills weekend time like having to finish up work left undone from the week. Make sure you complete your work before clocking out on Friday evening. A lot of people don’t realize how important timely work is for their weekend sanity.

2) Know your goals: Each of us is at a different stage in life. We have our priorities, and our own milestones to achieve. During the week, take some time out to review your goals. And if you have not already set goals, then go through a soul-searching exercise to draw a path leading to success as you define it. Try to be honest, and resist the urge to conform to society and peer groups.

3) Look for events: With the internet at your fingertips, there really shouldn’t be an excuse for living under a rock. Either ask a few friends, or browse a few different events websites to know your options for attending events which interest you in your city. In fact, just log on to this website www.fm91.com.pk and you’ll most likely find a worthwhile event or two that catches your fancy.

4) Design your weekend: Once you have followed the above steps, you need to divide your weekend calendar into realistic chunks, and allocate time for each activity. Keep complementary activities together. For example, if you’re planning a morning at the Karachi Farmers Market on Sunday, perhaps you can stop by your Bunty Uncle’s house which is on the way back. This step is all about being efficient. The better your design, the higher your chances of feeling super-accomplished on Monday morning.

5) Leave breathing space: Every soul is different. So beware of packing your weekend with activities that you can’t handle. Leave some breathing space, and let your body and mind rest. The weekend, or life for that matter, is not a race. As you plan, make sure you remember that once the weekend sun sets, you should be ready for an action-packed work week. So try to wind down a little early. A good night’s sleep before work can make all the difference between facing Monday blues and raring to go with a well-lived weekend behind you.

Now that you know, let there be no excuse for having a half-lived weekend anymore. Plan it out, and live it well.

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