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Survival tips for first-timers in a professional studio recording

Stepping into a studio to record (for the first time) can be scary whether you are a solo or part of a band. Thanks to the digital revolution, numerous self-styled sound engineers are readily available for recording/producing the tunes you have put together. But in-order to do yourself justice (and get your money’s worth) consider the given below suggestions when trying out a studio for the first time:
1. Scan the market, viable sources of reference are people who have recorded, social media and fellow musicians. Compare different studio charges and your budget.

2. Checkout engineer/producer profiles, their past projects and the musicians they have worked with. There are many people out there who’ll gladly produce your music (for a fee of-course) but you need to do your homework as to who fits the bill.

3. Checkout the studio in person, the condition of the equipment and audition the engineers. Also ask to hear samples of their previous work.

4. Take your demo tape (irrespective of recording quality) with you to the studio and play it for the producer.

5. Rehearse well: After finalizing a studio and recording dates, rehearse well, all the intro, rhythm parts and solos etc. prior to stepping in for recording. This includes ensuring that your gear is in good shape. And also try to be very punctual. Studio time can be expensive, thus utilize time efficiently.

6. Get some rest prior to the recording, studio sessions can be demanding and exhaustive work requiring concentration, thus last minute partying is out.

7. Don’t panic if you messed up in a session, pinpoint your mistakes and do a second take, if there are multiple songs and you’re having difficulty in getting it right then move another song or take a short breather. If you are unsatisfied with a take then do it again, better to be safe than sorry.

8. Most important of all remember to enjoy the experience and have fun. Your feel, attitude and groove will reflect in the final product.

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