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IBID Season 7 begins NOW

IBID Season 7 begins NOW

FM91 Rewarding Loyalty in Style

Folks, it’s that time of the year when FM91 rewards its loyal league of listeners with the most demanded product in the world. As the year 2016 ends, FM91 launches the 7th season of the now-famous IBID campaign. For the lucky two winners who send in the most texts between 19th December and 23rd December, FM91 is giving away the most luxurious of prizes. Let’s find out how the process works.

First, you gotta register

As is traditional in every decent bidding process, participants must register themselves with the bid organizers. This process is simple enough. Just type” “Reg<>Your Name” and SMS it to 9191 from your cell phone. This 5-day process starts on the 7th of December. So, since you’re already a little late, do that right away.

Then, you bid like a champ

The bidding process is a game of nerves and sheer persistence. Once you start sending those texts, you will experience the high of playing the game. Remember that fortune favors the brave. So, what you have to do is to take up the challenge, and prove that you have what it takes to bring home the bling. There is no better feeling than bringing home a well-earned prize.

The bidding process, which begins on the 19th of December, is also simple:

Just type” “IBID <>Your Name” and SMS it to 9191 from your cell phone.

Okay, here’s the trick to winning

While its almost unfair to others, we’ll let you in on the secret to winning the IBID 7.

The secret lies in a little thing we like to call ‘drive’. The ones who have ‘drive’ reach the finish line and win the race. ‘Drive’ is the impetus, energy and aggressive push a person needs to put their ambitions into action. Because, you know, ‘the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak’.

So, muster the drive that each one of us has within us, and get your hands on the prize.

And the prize is…

If you’re a 91 loyalist, you already know that the prize will be generous and, without exaggeration, rather grand.

This time, FM91 is giving away the most desired product in the whole world, having broken all previous sales records.

The prizes are: the brand new Apple Watch Series 2 and the even more fabulous iPhone 7 Plus.

The Apple Watch Series 2 goes to the runner up, and the top spot winner gets the iPhone 7 Plus.

Not to mention the cause you’ll be supporting!
FM91 unselfishly donates all the proceeds from the entire IBID 7 campaign to the Ocean Welfare Organization. This organization works in the areas of health, education, women empowerment, and poverty alleviation.

Look at you: killing two birds with one stone (metaphorically of course. We’d never hurt an animal!).

So, now that you have another reason to go forth and bid, all you have to do is: well, go forth and bid!

15 Minutes of Fame that it comes with

Let’s face it: if you win one of those two prizes, people will talk. They will gush and they will be awed.

When the winners are announced on Friday the 23rd of December, 2016, on The Morning Chaska with Ali Safina and Dino, rest assured that you will be famous. Given the massive popularity of the show, you can count on getting a few appreciative phone calls from your friends and family for a job truly well-done.

So, bask in the glory of being a champ this winter.

Pick up your phone, and hit all the right buttons to register yourself for the IBID 7, 2016.

It goes without saying that if you win, this is going to be the best New Year’s ever.

Or something close to it.

Keep visiting the FM91 website FM91.com.pk and the Facebook page Facebook/fm91pakistan for regular updates.

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