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How to Promote Brand YOU – Promotion Tips for Budding Artists, Musicians and Writers

In the age of information bombardment, promoting yourself and your art is an uphill task. The real challenge lies in differentiating yourself from the huge clutter of information out there, and establishing yourself as a brand to be reckoned with. 91 recommends a few smart strategies to make sure that the world starts to take notice of you. Let’s get started on the brand new brand YOU:
1. For starters, have something to promote: It could be a product or a service that you can offer. Try to become good at what you do – whether you play music, do standup comedy, paint, sculpt, write prose or poetry, do photography or design clothes. Just focus on becoming a better version of yourself. Dedicate time and concentration to it so that by the time your name hits the universe, you’ve become pretty darned good.

2. Widen your information network: Find out who would be interested in what you have to offer. There are places that have regular (monthly, bimonthly or yearly) events where musicians, stand-up comedians, actors and writers get to showoff samples of their work. Some venues even have talent scouts visiting such nights looking for performers with potential. Surf the internet, scan the local newspapers, and look up groups and clubs who can be your potential audience.

3. Utilize the social media: Build a Facebook page, put your content on it, and tag people with potential interest in what you have to offer. Also search for FB groups for people with similar interests and join them. These serve as strong networking channels for finding people in same line of work. Other viable options are tweeting, Instagram, writing a blog and uploading Youtube videos. Never underestimate the power of social media, a lot of talent has been discovered through it. Social media helps you keep an eye out for events, online competitions, fairs and conventions. These are ideal places for people with similar interests to meet and provide each other with the necessary support.

4. Build an online back-up of your content: Be sure to keep files of your poetry manuscripts, scanned pictures of your paintings, or recordings of your songs. You have something within quick access to show in case someone requests more samples of your work.

5. Don’t forget to love: Nothing gets noticed as much as an individual in love. When you love your work, it will show. When you love what you do, it will transform your art into something even more beautiful. It will attract people toward you in a dramatic way.

6. Be optimistic: Don’t lose your faith if you’ve posted your stand-up comedy on your Facebook page, and it didn’t cause the internet to break. Nobody gets it right the first time. Be patient, persistent, but stay realistic and keep listening to feedback from people you trust.

So go out there without fear of being judged, for the hardest thing is to take the first step. Be armed with your talent, and the force of your creativity. Have unconditional faith in yourself as a creative being. Then put your best foot forward, and let brand YOU emerge from the shadows.

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