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Radio 1 FM91(s) programming philosophy exemplifies music, epitomizes self-expression and crafts itself as the dynamic voice of the young, proud, patriotic Pakistani. For that reason, Radio 1 can best be described as Desi funk, in its eastern, western, progressive and pleasurable entirety. It keeps the listeners simultaneously local and global.

Radio 1 goes all out to entertain, encourage, and educate Pakistani youth, as well as other demographics. It also acts as a platform where musicians can grow, promoting Pakistani music and culture as well as respect for values and traditions. A conscientiously-aware brand, Radio 1 FM91 tries to inculcate a social consciousness in the listeners. Under the umbrella theme of 91 Cares, Radio 1 FM91 strives to hone youth icons who can connect with the demographic of a nation in its entirety and affect a social change. Radio 1 FM91 believes in giving Pakistans youth an opportunity to enjoy and express themselves, thus entrenching the ideals of a promising life and the values of a meaningful existence firmly into their minds.

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