The Fasi Zaka & Friends Show With Fasi Zaka

Monday – Wednesday


 The Fasi Zaka Show is an epitome of improve radio. From his guests to his banter Fasi Zaka takes in live calls and text messages and adds a dose of craziness.

According to Aurora Magazine, ‘Fasi Zaka hosts one of Pakistan’s most listened to radio shows which is aired nationally thrice a week ‘




RJ Fasi Zaka



A writer, a tv host, a critic, a political analyst and clearly one of the most popular Radio Jockeys at Radio1 FM91. As he puts it himself “I like to waste my time. Then work like mad to make up for it.” A Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum for 2012, he’s a public intellectual who employs humor from a political and democratic perspective in his media forays.