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General Terms and Conditions for Competitions – AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD


  1. These rules apply for all competitions where the prize has a perceived value


  1. Unless otherwise stated on air all under 18 contestants must be accompanied by their respective guardians who must submit their CNIC cards along with the passport copies when collecting their prize. It is the sole responsibility of the guardian to give travelling permission to the minor.


  1. All over 18 contestants must bring in their own CNIC cards along with passport copies when collecting their prize from the office.


  1. All contestants must possess a valid CNIC number and a valid passport (must be valid above 6 months) in order to enter the competition


  1. AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD is not liable or responsible for the issuance of any travel visas in connection with prizes given out in the competition. All on air contestants are responsible for any travel visa arrangements in relation to prizes in this competition.


  1. AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD will provide accommodation for two days only in conjunction to the prize. However, no travel and daily allowances (TADA) will be provided to the winners. Airwaves Media Pvt. Ltd. Will not liable to pay or bear any expense born against the visit or travel whatsoever.


  1. Unless otherwise stated on air contestants can enter each AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD competition only once


  1. Unless otherwise stated on air all contestants chosen are those who have called the station during the competition period and are chosen at random by the presenter in line with the advertised promotion of the competition


  1. The competition will run until the competition has been completed, this will be advertised on air. AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD reserves the right not to give away any prize if no winner is found


  1. Unless otherwise stated on air, there is only one prize per competition and all prizes are offered in good faith. It is recognized that at times genuine mistakes can occur. If a mistake has occurred, then the management, in its sole discretion can either award the prize to the person(s) who in their view was the original winner of the competition or alternately determine a winner by ballot/lucky draw. When instances like this occur, AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD will not provide a runner up prize


  1. Prizes offered by AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD are in most cases provided to the company by a third party or sponsor. At the end of the competition the liability passes from AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD to the sponsor for the deliverance of the prize offered. If the sponsor or third party thereafter cannot deliver the product or prize due to liquidation or any other reason, AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD IS NOT liable for its provision


  1. The campaign starts on Munch on Lunch program on the 21st July, 2016 and will end on the 28th of July, 2016. Winners are only picked from Munch on Lunch program.


  1. The prize is valid and can be claimed seven days from the date of announcement, after which the gift will be transferred to the second winner. If prize(s) are not claimed within the specified time period than its AMPL’s discretion to determine the winner or discard the prize.


  1. Validity of the tickets is of 6 months from the date of letter issuance and winner(s) can travel within 60 days from that date and come back within 2 months at the time of ticket registrations (the dates can be changed over the course of the trip).
  2. The tickets are valid to travel from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad international airports to Istanbul, Turkey.


  1. Employees, relatives and partners of AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD and any participating co-sponsors of the competition are not eligible to enter this competition


  1. AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD reserves the right to alter or amend these rules at any time and to suspend the competition or cancel the competition at any time


  1. Unless otherwise stated on air there is no cash alternative to the advertised prizes and any prize and ticket is strictly non-transferable and non-refundable


  1. Failure to gain access to the competition due to any technical difficulties, engaged phone lines or for any other reason is not the responsibility of AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD


  1. Copyright in the on-air broadcast and any photographs or images or audio of winners remains the property of AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD


  1. By entering the competition all contestants agree to be used in publicity, on air promotion and by any means deemed fit for the promotion of the station


  1. No person or members of their immediate family who has won a competition, which has a deemed value in excess of Rs ______, is eligible to enter another ‘major’ station promotion for a period of six months.  We reserve the right to invalidate any prize found to be in breach of the above condition


  1. No person or members of their immediate family who has won any competition with a value less than Rs ________ is eligible to enter another station promotion for a period of 30 days. .  We reserve the right to invalidate any prize found to be in breach of the above condition


  1. No correspondence will be entered into regarding competitions. The AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD representative decision is final


  1. Any contestant entering competitions on AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD giving false or misleading information will be disqualified and any prizes won will be withdrawn. This includes, but is not limited to, name, address, telephone numbers and details of previously won prizes


  1. Any contestant entering the competition on AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD who does not follow the correct procedures regarding registration or the terms and conditions set out here, on the Station’s website, Facebook page etc. are capable of being disqualified at any time, even during the campaign


  1. Airwaves Media (Pvt.) Ltd. Will not be held responsible for any legal issue(s) may occur in Pakistan or abroad whatsoever.


  1. All contestants agree not to make any disparaging, negative, or defamatory comments, whether written or oral, about AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD, the Contest, or the Prize. Contestants hereby covenant and agree to not take any action that is designed or intended to have the effect of discouraging any listener, employee, customer, supplier, or other business associate of AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD from maintaining a business relationship with AIRWAVES MEDIA (PVT.) LTD.




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