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Karachi Farmers Market (KFM) is a little haven

Karachi Farmers Market (KFM) is a little haven

Karachi Farmers Market (KFM) is a little haven for the city-weary crowd of Karachi. This market is a refreshing addition to the health-food landscape of the city. The purpose of this quaint setup is to link the consumers to the producers of fresh, organically produced food. The best part about this market is the bringing together of like-minded people meeting around food they enjoy.
The overall excitement about the farmers market in Karachi is very positive. We spoke to a few KFM visitors to get their views on the experience.

Mona, a resident of Gulshan-e-Iqbal, spoke warmly about KFM.

“It’s a great initiative. We enjoyed visiting the various stalls and having the lemonade and paratha roll from one of the stalls. My husband is into organic food, so we got organic dried fruits too. Basically, it’s like a little picnic for us for Sundays.”

She did mention that her excitement has waned a little in her latest few visits.

“They aren’t doing too many new things. I was expecting a lot of exciting activities on their anniversary, but it was just business as usual when we went there. We were a little disappointed. To be honest, it has become a little monotonous the past couple of times. I think I’ll give this week a miss. Maybe, the week after will seem more fun!”

Shuaib, a Defence Housing Society resident, who lives at a 5-minutes’ drive away from Haque Academy, the KFM venue, is more optimistic about the market. He feels that KFM is still young and evolving, and needs to grow a lot before becoming a huge brand.

“I go to the KFM every Sunday because it’s not far from where I live in Defence. I take my mother, who is a nature-lover, and we have a great time there. The casual, live music playing in the corner, the relaxed environment and the food. It’s a great combination.”

When asked whether he thought it was too elitist as an offering, he denied it.

“There is no entry fees, and nobody stops anyone from entering. It just happens to be in a certain part of town, not easily accessible by everyone. And the goods are a bit pricey, because organic food is not produced on a large scale. I’d say it’s a very welcoming place. Besides, the bigger it gets, the more people will know about it and visit it.”

The best part about the KFM is that it brings families closer. Most people visit with their families. Wives, husbands, children, parents. KFM is a venue for the family man or woman. Roshni and her husband, both retired bankers, are regulars at the Farmers Market.

“Zain and I visit every week. We like coming in early, when there are fewer people and we can stroll around casually. I like the salty lassi, and Zain has this banana bread that he is fond of. We take a lot of goodies back for our children and grandchildren. There should be more markets like these all over the city.”

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